James Johnson - Independent Brand Ambassador

James Johnson - Independent Brand Ambassador


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($105 VALUE)

Filled with antioxidants and slimming herbs that positively improve mood and support weight management while fueling your body with healthy energy and mental clarity. Achieve your weight management goals with a happy and healthy energy drink!
Starting your day off with TAKA™ Trim is going to give you clean energy, focus, and control your cravings throughout your day.
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($99 VALUE)

These natural superfoods, premium collagen, vitamins, and minerals help support healthy skin, hair, and nails. Not only that, but they help nourish your body in all the right ways. Truly creating beauty from the inside out.
TAKA™ Glo will be your go-to afternoon drink to finish the rest of your day off strong. With the added protein and refreshing flavor, you can say good-bye to those mid day crashes. 
taka glo, taka supplement, taka energy drink



Getting started with a challenge to reach your goals is a great idea. Doing it with others who want the same thing is even better.
  • ​Support
  • Encouragement
  • Accountability
taka glo and trim


($245 VALUE)

All included with your Trim Down Glo Up Challenge at no extra charge.
  • BONUS #1: 1-On-1 Peronsal Support ($200 value. For first 50 People)
  • ​BONUS #2: 30 Days of At Home Workouts
  • Bonus #3: 30 Days of Dinner Recipes
taka glo and trim


real transformations...

taka trim reviews, taka weight loss, taka weight loss drink reviews
"I used to love Oreos every night or dessert with every meal and now I’m fueling my body with berries, nuts, proteins and can’t live without my Taka! Here we are 6 months in and I’m down 35 lbs and my husband is down 50. We are NOT going back!"


taka trim reviews, taka weight loss, taka weight loss drink reviews
"2 months in on this 90 day challenge. Down a total of 30lbs since I started prior to the challenge on the scale, but up in muscle also."


taka trim reviews, taka weight loss, taka weight loss drink reviews
"We’re always traveling and now I’m just a bit more confident when we do! Down 30 lbs and feeling absolutely incredible!! This comparison is MAY 2022 to JANUARY 2023! All thanks to TAKATRIM and committing to myself!!"


taka trim reviews, taka weight loss, taka weight loss drink reviews
"While I didn’t drop the weight I wanted to this last 90 days, I did STILL lose weight and several more inches! So, I’m taking it as a WIN!! I also WON my battle with the scale, this round!! I managed to stay off it all but 3 times, as I only weigh in at the end of each month, just to make sure I’m staying on track. However, I do choose to pay more attention to the pics, than the scale these days!!"


taka trim reviews, taka weight loss, taka weight loss drink reviews
"This is after my first 30 days using TAKA Trim in the morning, TAKA Glo in the evening, and doing the simple at home workout from the guide. I lost some fat, and really happy with the transformation in my back."


taka trim reviews, taka weight loss, taka weight loss drink reviews
While I have allowed myself to enjoy all the holiday meals and snacks, I feel good about my progress over time. I have changed mentally and physically. If you know me well, you know I am a completely different person. lol I am. It’s so exciting. I have gained a new self confidence, shifted my mindset, and I have grit that is beyond my expectations.


The physical and emotional changes that have happened to me are hard for me to describe, but I am so grateful for this challenge. The friends I have made along the way and the constant show of support daily from this group was not expected and I can't thank you enough.
My Results:
Starting weight 325 > Current weight 278
Weight lost 47 pounds
Inches lost 41.5


warning: the TRIM DOWN GLO UP challenge is not for everyone...

If you don't want to have better energy, mood, focus, sleep, or be a part of a supportive group of people, do not move forward on this page.

here's everything you'll get...

taka glo and trim
taka glo and trim
  • TAKA™ TRIM: Cut your cravings and improve your mood at the same time. ($105 Value)
  • TAKA™ GLO: ​Improve your skin, mobility, and energy. ($99 Value)
  • ​Exclusive Community Access: Gain lifetime access filled with support, encouragement, and accountability.
  • ​BONUS #1: 1-On-1 Personal Support($200 value. For first 50 People)
  • ​BONUS #2: 30 Days of At Home Workouts Guide
  • ​BONUS #3: 30 Days of Dinner Recipes


$449 ONLY $150

1-On-1 Support Included For First 50 People

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